Our Ancillary Services

Our Ancillary Services

Pressure House Wash | $150 - $325 up 2500 sqft Depends on size and other factors.

In the field of home inspections, there are numerous other services that inspectors can offer. These add-on inspections, often known as ancillary services, focus on a specific function or problem:

Radon, mold, water, sewage, lead paint, asbestos, termites, and chimneys can be covered by our ancillary services.

We also perform House Washings (pressure wash), Small Yard Demolition, Yard Cleanup, Debris & Junk Removal, Snow Removal, full Home Winterization & More!

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 Why hire two distinct inspectors when you can use one business that does everything, like us? We want you to feel confident when selling your property or happy with your new home purchase. We always try and keep the costs as competitive as possible.